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Children's braces

Give your child the best start possible with a confident smile

A young person who can smile without embarrassment is likely to be more confident than one who feels self-conscious about their teeth.

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We treat qualifying children under the age of 18 on the National Health Service and children must have a referral from a general dentist. Only children whose teeth meet specific criteria are eligible for orthodontic care on the NHS.

The guidelines say that braces can only be fitted for health, not cosmetic reasons. Young people with moderate to severe crowding, protruding, irregular or buried teeth may be eligible, as may those with missing teeth where gaps need to be closed. There is a waiting list for treatment and we will inform you of this at your assessment.

If you wish, at this stage you could choose to treat your child privately at Pure Orthodontics in Nottingham. We are happy to discuss all of the options that are available to your child for orthodontic improvement on a private basis.

If you decide to have treatment privately we will provide you with a treatment plan and a cost estimate. Written estimates of the costs of orthodontic treatment are provided for our private patients and different payment options are available at the practice. We will happily discuss these with you. Our private treatments include clear ceramic braces and invisible aligners.

We are a specialist orthodontic practice and members of the British Orthodontic Society. Read their practical information and advice to answer many questions you may have about braces for children and teens.